Best New Mobile Games 2020

The Mobile Gaming Future is bright


Best New Mobile Games 2020

Gaming on a mobile device has been improving every year at a very rapid rate. Developers all over the world are doing research and developing mobile games with the help of the latest technology and software to make the upcoming games more innovative and unique. Believe it or not, most of us are very much excited or interested when they hear about any new mobile games.

As technology is changing and improving day by day, like the interface, graphics, sound quality, and other technological parameters, mobile games are also improving and getting better day by day.

Nowadays people are very busy in their work and that work stress continuously dwells in their minds, so if you want to get rid of this stress and need some relaxation for some time, the best way to divert your mind is to play some mobile games, it does not mean that you have to play certain anti-stress games only, they can be any type. The central point is you have to enjoy it.

This is the reason we come up with a list of theBest New Mobile Games of 2020

Excited right!?

Before moving directly into it, we will tell you how we have selected the best new mobile games of 2020.


How we chose the Best New Mobile Games 2020

There are a lot of games available now, and that’s why we have considered some factors to put a list of the best mobile games listed here.

  • User-Friendliness We have given this the highest priority because a game must be user-friendly so that all players can easily understand the controls or instructions and play it with ease.
  • GraphicsGraphics should be fascinating for a mobile game to be recognized as the best one because that is the first thing that catches the player’s attention. It is also good if the game has adjustable graphics settings.
  • Sounds Along with graphics, sounds also play an important role especially in multiplayer games because many games rely heavily on it. Besides that, interesting sound effects in games can help players to get engaged in the game.

Along with these factors, we have also checked the game size, interesting features of the game, type of the game, and prepared this consolidated list containing various types of games.

Top Best New Mobile Games 2020

 1. Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football

Are you among those who love to play football? Then this game, released on 4th Aug 2020 is for you. With the all-new way to experience Madden NFL on the go with a download size of only 77MB. It is a type of management simulation game where your target is to take your team to the Super Bowl, taking up the role of NFL general manager.

This is the first time that you can create customizable characters according to your own choice and take them to the Yard, which is a brand-new dynamic challenge mode. Similarly, as you define your NFL journey you can play in Overdrive or Arena H2H against your friends to score more and earn rewards and then upgrade your team to make it solid.

This is an interesting and addictive game to play if you are a real football lover.


2. Bowling Crew – 3D Bowling game

Excited by the name? Then it’s sure that you are a bowling game lover and yes, this is perfect for you. Released on 11th March 2020 with a download size of only 106MB. The rules of playing this game are very simple. Like rolling the ball with a certain speed so that it hits the pins. But the reason for including it is the amazing graphics which will fascinate your eyes as you play.

You can play it online anywhere, anytime, whenever feeling bored and want to play a game. Just open this game and search for a skill-appropriate opponent and you are ready to go. You will also get a chance to win exciting and unique prizes by participating in a competitive season that occurs twice a month.

The game has been developed in such a way that you will learn very easily but to master, you have to practice a lot and this thing makes it more challenging for the gamers. So go ahead and download this game. We can assure you that the uniqueness of this game and the millions of players available will blow your mind.


 ““Graphics are great! Ball/pin physics I think are spot on! You can see and feel the difference in the different balls…”

 Source:- Google Playstore


If you want to play a game that involves riding or racing vehicles off-road, then you can install this game offered by BYCODEC GAMES with a download size of 531MB released on 15th March 2020. In this game, you will enjoy the off-road driving of cars in realistic environments and the real-like off-road physics will give you the ultimate enjoyable gaming experience.

The developer has included maps along with tasks so that on completion of that task you will jump to a level ahead. Upon completion of the tasks, you will get game money which you can unlock new cars and due to various graphic options, you can also change your settings that suit your mobile device.

You will be able to make changes to the mechanics of the car and each change will affect the vehicle’s physics as well. So, to get the flavor of off-road driving along with fascinating graphics, download the game today!


4. Dino Fun – Color By Number

Nowadays everyone is so stressed that people need relaxation sometimes. To get a relaxing experience by shifting your mind from other things this color-by-number game is an ideal option for you. This game was released on 1st August 2020 by ONESOFT and the size of this game is only 36.45MB. This is a type of pixel art drawing game that is suitable for anyone who loves creating, coloring or wants an option for relieving stress.

There are more than 1K images with numbers that you can color and enjoy spending your free time doing. There are subscription options as well through which you can unlock all content, features free of ads after 7 days free trial which costs you $49.99 annually for US customers.

Thus, if you want to swim in a world of colors to get away from the daily routine and get relief from all kinds of tension, play this game which works as an effective anti-stress pixel art therapy.


5. EVE Echoes

For those who like Sci-Fi adventures, NetEase Games offers this game which is a massively multiplayer online game with a small amount of RPG and strategy elements released on 12th August 2020. This is a mobile version of the online PC game, EVE, with a size of 1.7GB. As a player, you will be able to create your adventure by establishing your corporations, fleets, prepare your ships, etc.

You can engage in interstellar combat, exploration, resource harvesting, trade, and many other activities across more than 8,000 star systems. This is available for free to download, so what are you even waiting for? Install it, and plan your space adventures.


 ““  I am hooked. Really feels like being thrown into the far future where you  are charting your own destiny in any way you like… ””

Source: Google Playstore


6. Unexpected

Riddles are always fun and every one of us loves to solve riddles, right?! Genuine Studio Ltd. offered us this amazing riddle game which is not like any other traditional riddle game. Rather Unexpected is played with interactive riddles. The download size is only 50.75MB and it was released this year in July.

There are sixteen stories and each story has different endings with various twists and for reaching the ending of the story you have to solve riddles. This is a very easy and relaxing game and the main attractive feature is the story rather than just playing challenges.

Hence if you want a combo of solving riddles and stories then you will enjoy this game a lot.


7. WinWing: Space Shooter

 If you want some easy shooting games set in a sci-fi universe, then this game offered by Ivy and released on 20th July 2020 will blow your mind. With a size of only 88.90MB, this game will offer you a perfect blend of intense shooting and rogue-like gameplay on your mobile.

The rules of the game are that you have to save the universe from space invaders by shooting them with intense missiles, lasers, and tons of bullets. There are hundreds of upgradable parts and components to make your fighter ready for the upcoming harder levels.

This game features real-time online co-op mode along with different single-player campaigns. You will get unlimited freebies to upgrade your aircraft as well as free coins to make your fighter ready for the future levels.


 “Load your WING, it’s time to WIN!!!”

 Source:- Google Playstore



 We have included a variety of games, such as anti-stress games, sports games like football and bowling, adventure games, and shooting games. So you can select the one based on the genre that attracts you the most.

Get ready to play, win, and enjoy!

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